Our Mission

To ensure that every learner reaches his/her highest potential.

Students who regularly participate in after-school programs improve in their academic performance, improve work habits and behavior. Extracurricular activities allow your children to make contributions to their school or community and help to build self-esteem. Click here to see Beach School clubs.

Estero Island is seven miles of coastline connected to the mainland by two bridges. Fort Myers Beach Elementary and Community are well connected and continue to thrive with everyone helping each other in varies ways.

When students are using technology as a tool they are in an active role in their education.  Technology use allows many more students to be actively thinking about information, making choices, and independently executing skills.  In some cases students can evaluate their own progress directly learning from instant feedback.

Beach School Facility and Staff work together to provide a caring, supportive school environment to ensure academic success. Academic plans align the components of the school plan and district plan, pushed by a deep and rich understanding of the data before improvement strategies are decided upon by all involved.