After School Program


(No Family Discounts)

Registration Fee: $10.00 (one time non-refundable fee)

Daily Rate: $12.00

Weekly Rate: $55.00

Morning Care Rate: $2.00

Please verify your child’s account balance.

Hours of Operation

Regular School Day: 2:10 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Early Dismissal Day: 12:10 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.



The Kids Care Program works on a pre-paid basis. Payment is due prior to participation*. Payment may be made in the Kids Care office or in the main school office during school hours. Accounts on Daily Rate status will also need to maintain a $55.00 credit balance prior to the week of participation. All weekly credit balances carry forward except for the last week’s payment. Last week payment is pre-paid and non-refundable. Please plan accordingly.

*According to Florida Constitution Article VII, Section 10, Pledging Credit. “Neither the state nor any county, school district, municipality, special district or agency of them, shall become a joint owner with, or stockholder of, or give, lend or use its taxing power or credit to aid any corporation, association, partnership or person.”

Children will NOT be accepted into Kids Care with an unpaid balance. It is very important to maintain a zero balance every week. Please be aware, if your account becomes past due, you will be called to pick up your child. Unpaid balances are subject to collection.

Late Fees and Other Charges

  1. After one returned check, Kids Care will only accept cash, cashier’s check or money order as payment.
  2. Students who are picked up after hours will be charged a late fee. The fee is $15.00 from 6:05P.M. to 6:15 P.M., $30.00 from 6:16 P.M. to 6:30 P.M., and $45.00 from 6:31 P.M. to 6:45 P.M. for each child and is due the next business day. Students picked up late frequently will be subject to the District Revocation Policy.
  3. Credit Balances are refunded upon request on or before May 14th.



Dates Kids Care will be CLOSED:

Kids Care will be CLOSED on non-student school days. Please refer to the District Calendar.

The safety of your child is our first priority. Therefore, if the person picking up your child appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or unable to drive safely, the following procedures will be implemented:

  1. Kids Care staff will offer to call a taxi or another driver.
  2. If the person insists on driving with your child, the Kids Care staff will call 911 to report the concern and provide information to ensure the child gets home safely.



After school care is offered from 2:10 P.M to 6:00 P.M
. Students are provided a snack directly after school and
participate in activities such as, outside play, arts/crafts and
Clubs. Students will be provided time for homework and our staff will assist them.
Please be advised that homework time is not a time to tutor. Parents are responsible
for reviewing their child’s homework for completion and understanding.


Please notify your child’s classroom teacher or the school office if your child is not attending the Kids Care program due to a change of schedule.

Medication Policy

Students who need to take medication will need a parent permission form and a physician’s permission form on file in the clinic at San Carlos Park Elementary. Parents must provide medication for after-school hours and camp days.

Discipline Policy

The San Carlos Park Elementary Kids Care Program creates a fun, caring, yet structured, environment for children. To provide this environment, counselors will set rules and expectations for student behavior. These rules will include:

  1. Respect each other at all times.
  2. Follow directions when given.
  3. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Students who choose not to follow rules will have the following consequences:

  1. Verbal warning from Counselor
  2. Time out from group (length of time appropriate to age)
  3. Time out in Kids Care office (parents notified verbally at pick-up)
  4. Three repeated offenses may result in temporary assignment to another group.
  5. Parent/Director Conference

If infraction warrants, parents will be notified immediately and may be required to pick up student. Students will be written up for behaviors that warrant it. We go by a three strike policy and you will be made aware of the incident the day of the incident. If a student earns three strikes, there will be a meeting with parent and director to discuss possible suspension or removal of student from the program until the next school year.

Students who are frequently aggressive or hurtful toward other students may have their enrollment revoked with prior notification to parents.

Enrollment and Revocation Procedures

Kids Care is a fee-based program for students in kindergarten through fifth grade who are enrolled at Fort Myers Beach Elementary. Students must be able to function in a group with a supervision ratio of 25:1 and be self-sufficient in bathroom procedures.

Registration is required yearly and is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration may be suspended if enrollment reaches program capacity.

In accordance with the District Policy for Fee Based Programs, the Principal or Director has the authority to revoke the enrollment of a student in a fee-based program if the following situations occur:

  1. The student becomes a behavior problem as defined in the program discipline policy.
  2. Non-payment of regular weekly fees.
  3. The student is picked up late in the evening on a regular basis.