Welcome to Fort Myers Beach Elementary School

Fort Myers Beach Elementary was constructed on its present site in 1948, replacing the two room school on Sterling Street at the south end of the island. Originally, there was only the main building housing six classrooms, but a cafeteria was soon constructed and manned by the island mothers to provide lunch. There was no public kindergarten, but the school then had grades one through six. After completing elementary school, students were required to travel to Ft. Myers for junior and senior high school. Students today attend grades K through 5, but still go off-island for middle and high school.

The main building once housed an auditorium, which has been converted into the computer lab and media center. Originally, the auditorium was used not only by the school but also for community performances. The school was truly a gathering place where polio serum was distributed for island families in the 1950’s and tetanus shots given after Hurricane Donna struck in 1960.

Over the past 65 years, there have been several additions including a new office, seven more classrooms, and doubling the size of the cafeteria where a new stage is located. The school was air-conditioned in the 1960’s with the help of island support, and has continued to modernize with up to date student computers, inter-school television broadcasting, and Smartboards in every classroom.

Originally, students attended from as far away as Iona but we are now limited to children who live on Estero and San Carlos Islands or have families who work on the Beach. Some children attending now are third generation Beach School students.

Fort Myers Beach is the smallest public elementary school in Lee County and is proud to be a true community school, ranked A by the District and on the Register of Historic Buildings in our area.

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